Strategic Plan for Robinson Memorial Hospital

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Strategic Plan for Robinson Memorial Hospital

University of Phoenix


April 10, 2010

Bob Hanks

Executive Summary

Robinson Memorial Hospital (RMH) is a 150-bed, county funded, acute care facility. RMH provides a level two trauma emergency department, onsite physical rehabilitation center, five surgery suites, and new radiology department for those who live in Portage County and surrounding areas. RMH is the second-largest employer in Portage County, and also provides a number of services at other campuses such as Diabetic Care and Education Center, outpatient surgery center, out-patient laboratory and radiology departments, urgent care facilities, and a number of primary care and speciality physicians’ offices. RMH was recognized as one of the best places to work in Northeast Ohio by the Employers Resource Council and has been designated a Magnet hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

RMH’s mission is to provide high quality, caring and cost effective services, to inspire staff to exceed the expectations of our patients and their families, and to achieve financial results to ensure its continued services. RMH ensures that their mission is met by hiring quality staff, listening to the comments and suggestions of their patients and incorporating advanced medical equipment technology.

RMH is a county funded hospital that is governed by a number of leadership teams consisting of a board of trustees, hospital administration, medical executive committee, foundation board of trustees and auxiliary hospital board. RMH receives funding from insurance companies addition to local, state and federal government. Funding from these entities assures that RMH can continue to provide care to those in the community, but also means that RMH most follow regulations dictated by local, state, and federal government in spending the monies.

Currently RMH is the only hospital in Portage County and one of 24 county run hospitals in the state of...