Strategic Plan for Skyline Chili of Jacksonville

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Strategic Plan for Skyline Chili of Jacksonville


May 8, 2008

Strategic Plan for Skyline Chili of Jacksonville

Skyline Chili has been a favorite restaurant of Midwesterners for the past 50 years. This is a strategic plan to expand the Skyline Chili franchise to the southeastern region of the United States.

Executive Summary

If one were to travel to the Midwest of the United States one would find a population of hardworking, fun loving, tradition based people that seem to have one thing in common. CHILI! The people of Cincinnati, Ohio are known for their love of chili and in particular Skyline Chili. Skyline Chili is a Cincinnati based company and has spread throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Skyline Chili now needs to expand to other areas of the United States to share the great flavor of Skyline to the whole nation. One of the areas that Skyline has looked into is the Southeastern region the U.S. Within the Southeastern region Jacksonville, FL which is the home to almost 1 million people looks to be a great starting point to expand the company.

To expand the company, Skyline will need to find strong locations that will attract customers, appeal to the Midwestern tourist, be able to fund a cluster of three to four stores and provided adequate marketing. By working on establishing and marketing the company Skyline will do well in the Jacksonville area. With the large demographic of people and the large tourist industry that Florida has. The company name will be known in every household throughout Jacksonville. The company will prosper and become a leader in the fast food and casual dining industry in the Southeast.

Company Background

In 1949, Nicholas Lambrinides opened the first Skyline Chili. Tom and John Kiradjieff, Greek immigrants, are credited with inventing this favorite Cincinnati dish in 1922 when they doctored the recipe for a traditional Greek stew and served it on hot...