Global Communications Problem Solution

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Problem Solution: Global Communications

Global Communications is like many telecom companies of the mid- to late-90’s. Global Communications was a beloved Wall Street corporation for its superior return on investment and it appeared to have everything going its way in the past. Nevertheless, its stock price slid over 50% as its profits narrowed over the past three years. While it is not yet a losing company it may become one without change. There are numerous issues which led to the company’s present condition based on a review of a recent case study. Underlying the company’s troubles is a particular subject: improved (justified and more ethical) behavior from prominent players would have prevented the company’s most current dilemma of the genesis of resentment over outsourcing. This paper reviews the key players, the problems of Global Communications faces, analyzes alternative solutions then explores the most advantageous solution. The analysis concludes with an assessment of how to execute a solution and discusses what success resembles.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communications are trying to overcome economic pressures like many others in the telecommunications market. One issue they are facing is the rapid decline of their stock from $28 to $11 over the last three years. Management has to implement a plan quickly to handle the situation with this issue. The telecommunication market has incredible competition, which is also a concern of Global Communication. They must develop a plan that will allow them to compete in the telecommunications field. Executive board has decided to outsource call centers to Ireland and India to reduce cost. This action will cause an issue with the employees and the Union. The best way to be fair to the employees would be to use creative thinking for alternative ways to cut costs. The plan presents many ethical challenges for upper management.

One reason for developing new services is to...