Network Case Project 9.2

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Networking Case Project 9-2

Explain what components she’ll need to add or upgrade, at minimum, to make AStay’s servers capable of running Windows Server 2008. Also, explain why you don’t recommend leaving al the servers at the minimum hardware requirements. Write down four questions you will ask the AStay technicians about their network environment to help determine which servers might need more system resources.

Windows Server 2008 Processor requirements: 1 GHz (x86) or 1.4 GHz (x64) processor (2 GHz or faster processor recommended); Windows Server 2008, Standard Edition, supports up to four CPU’s in one server.

Windows Server 2008 Memory requirements: 512 MB of RAM is the absolute minimum, but at least 2 GB is recommended. A computer running Windows Server 2008 may hold a maximum of 32 GM of memory (for a 64-bit system).

Windows Server 2008 Hard Drive requirements: A hard drive supported by Windows Server 2008 (as specified in the Windows Server Catalog) with a minimum of 10 GB of free space available for system files (40 GB or more is recommended).

Windows Server 2008 NIC requirements: Although a NIC is not required by Windows Server 2008, it is required to connect to a network. Use a NIC found in the Window Server Catalog. The NOS can support the use of more than one NIC.

Window Server 2008 DVD-ROM requirements: A DVD-ROM drive found in the Windows Server Catalog is required unless the installation will take place over the network.

Window Server 2008 Pointing Device requirements: A mouse or other pointing device found in the Window Server Catalog.

AStay Network Computers:

Four servers that each contain 1 GHz processors (meets the minimum), 256 MB of RAM (does not meet would need to expand to 512 MB), Dual NIC’s (meets the minimum), dual power supplies, DVD-ROM drives (meets the minimum), and 20-GB hard drive (would work but would recommend changing to 40-GB hard drive).

Eight servers that each contain 2 GHz processors (meets the minimum), RAM not...