Communication Plan Outline

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Communication Plan Outline

This communication plan serves as a guide, or road map, to determine how a company will handle different types of communications for different types of projects. The communication plan lays out roles for staff members and based on each role gives requirements for the type of communication each individual is responsible for. The communication plan also determines what types of information is communicated, how the information will be transferred, who does the communication, and who receives it. The communication plan also gives a timeline for when the communication will be assigned, completed, transferred, and received. This ensures a type of tracking so the company knows what it has communicated, to whom, and by which employees.

The communications plan is useful because it can be manipulated or changed if certain aspects do not occur the way the original plan intended. Communication plans are used for both internal and external communications, it is a strategic management tool so that managers can keep track of what information needs to be shared, when to share it, and whom to share it with.

Define Objectives:

-Communicate results the firm wants to achieve

-Define mission, vision, value

-Customer service

-Customer loyalty

-Communication efforts

-Employee teamwork

-Develop a process to communicate all vital information to our team members, customers, and stakeholders


-What tools are needed to communicate; signage, written, spoken, or electronic?

-What does the company need to know about the targeted audience?

-How will the firm obtain the information?

-Will the audience be receptive or reject the message?

-Is the information relayed by presentations, meetings, flyers, annual reports, or employee handbooks?

Determine Target Audience:

-Include each audience the firm needs to reach and who needs to hear the message




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