I Have to Take It Seriously

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Yes. I wanna be serious in schooling by now. I mean, I’ve been trolling and trolling everywhere and I don’t consider giving enough respect to other people. On the contrary, some people find me doing well at school. They’ve been giving me stupid, instant recognition and I think they’re acting plastic already.

Yes, I have trolled to my high school teachers and to my professors last semester. When I get bored I do the things I enjoyed the most. Kill the silence, make some noise inside the room, and observe the wrong part of my professor’s discussion. Yeah, I’m not perfect but i love acting like one.

But, guys. I have to change. I necessarily have to pay attention to my professor’s lecture and whatever. I mean, I want to become a student, a real one. Like, he who finishes his task on time; he who never goes to school late; he who does not make some troll inside the room; he who never starts bullying. Things like that, you know.

What I just want is to learn more legit learning at school and I want it to be left still inside my delusional, dirty brain. I want to do some moderate-impact research about a stuff which is somehow important for my knowledge’s sake. You know what I mean? I want. to fuck. school. I wanna make a mutual relationship with her.

Good luck to me and I hope tomorrow I’ll be a changed man. Or else, I will continue giving shit inside the room.