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Is nuclear power the answer?

Recently, the issue of whether nuclear power should be used has come into question due to the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster this year, and after a nuclear disaster in Japan due to an earthquake and tsunami on March 11th. These two accidents have been regarded as two of the world’s worst disaster. Therefore, the use of nuclear power is opposed by some people. Porritt (2006) believes that nuclear power has some potential problems that cannot be avoided by current science technologies. For example, the influence of radioactive materials is a long term (…) and is very harmful for human health, (… ) environment and other species which live in the earth once the radiation is leaked. However, due to the situation of an increasing demand for energy and deteriorating environment, nuclear power is playing an important role and can offer many benefits as an energy source.

The first reason why nuclear power should continue to be used is that it provides a substitute to non-renewable energy sources and produces vast amounts of energy. In other words, it can be recycled and used repeatedly. In the past, coal and wood were the two main energy resources and until now they still be utilized. However, these natural resources cannot be recycled and take long time to produce. For example, the seed become to a big tree that should take at least 10 years, while it is burned that just only take 10 minutes averagely- rephrase and makes this grammatically correct!!! Recently, natural resources, such as coal, oil, and gas, have become less and less, which is called energy crisis (really?). In addition, due to the increase population and growth economic (change the word order?), the energy demand also rises (tense!). More exactly, Cassidy (2010) states that there will be a 50 percent increase in global energy demand until 2030, including all natural energy resources. (link these two sentence- linking devices?)The widen gap between low production...