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Why were the french family businesses so slow in making the transition to professional management and a modern corporate structure?

- The low level of trust among the French

- Difficulties communicating and associating with each other spontaneously in groups

- Large class divisions - On the revolution the wouldn't talk with eachother even though they had interests in common

- Few friends in the organization, they relate through hierarchy - absence of informal groups

A cultural distaste for face-to-face contact. Which is common in today's cooperation's. Preference for authority that is hierarchal, centralized and legally defined.

- the French in store workers doesn't want to make groups without the reasoning of formal rules from the management or between the bargaining between management and the labor.

The dislike of face to face contact creates blockages and a lack of feedback. The politics is strongly centralized and also very delicate. When people want change people go to the opposite extreme revolting and questioning authority. This is symbolic of all French labor-management relations. They are early small but instead tend to explode in crisis .

How involved are the french state - dirigisme?

-Many firms were nationalized after they'we grown to a certain size


-Credit Lyonnais

- Symbolizes the weakness of the French private sector, can't create large private company's

- A long time ago the state deliberately undermined the private sector by imposing taxes etc to bring it under control that led to weakening the entrepreneurship of the businesses.

- Which lead to more intervention from the state

Why is there a lack of intermediate firms?

- Both the revolution and the Napolean rule destroyed the intermediate institutions and by doing that destroys the trust also. The reason that France lacks behind has alot to do with what has happend in the past

-Fukuyama also says that the promotion of individuals...