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ZARA: Trial Exam case

1) Instructions

a. General information

Write a Business Plan for the company Zara (, part of the INDITEX group.

* Trial case

* Possibility to get 1 bonus point

The management process scheme (from the book) should be the table of contents of the Business Plan.

You can use bullet points instead of sentences.

Maximum 40 pages, not including the appendixes, but no relevant or important information needed to understand the Business Plan in the appendixes! If it is relevant, put it in the report.

* Need to know instead of nice to know.

b. Market size

The group can choose the market size for the analysis and the assignment for Zara. For the exam case, it will be the same for every group.

* Focus on clothes, so only ZARA (not ZARA HOME)

c. Steps to make a business plan

Before doing the steps, make a plan of approach.

d. Criteria’s

i. Report made for the Board of Directors of Zara

ii. No irrelevant stuff, bla bla

iii. Good analysis, long-term objectives SMART, annual objectives and policies

iv. Strategies

2) Planning

Hard copy of Zara report in the postbox of M. Luft in the MIM department on November 30th

3) Steps for Preparing a Comprehensive Written Analysis

e. Steps 1 & 2: Nataliia

f. Steps 3, 4 & 5: Natalia & Daria

g. Steps 6 & 7: Chris

h. Steps 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12: all together on Tuesday November 27th at 4.00pm until 6.00pm, to be continued on Wednesday November 28th at 10.30am until 5.00pm.


[ 1 ]. Use the matrixes seen during the classes.

[ 2 ]. Book p. 393.