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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Situation Analysis

3.1. Market Analysis

3.2.1. Market Demographics

3.2.2. Market Needs

3.2.3. Market Trends

3.2.4. Market Growth

3.2. SWOT Analysis

3.3.5. Strengths

3.3.6. Weaknesses

3.3.7. Opportunities

3.3.8. Threats

3.3. Product Analysis

3.4.9. Competitors

3.4.10. Product Offering

3.4.11. Key to Success

3. Marketing Strategy

4.4. Objectives

4.5.12. Marketing Objectives

4.5. Positioning

4.6. Target Market

4.7. Marketing Mix

4.8.13. Product

4.8.14. Place

4.8.15. Price

4.8.16. Promotion

4. Financials

5.8. Sales Forecast

5.9. Expense Forecast

1. Executive Summary

Bottled water is one of the biggest selling beverages in Viet Nam due to its convenience and quality taste. Whether due to the uneasiness of the safety of tap water or convenience of bottle, bottle water continues to gain profit share for companies in the industry. Specifically for busy college students such as ourselves, it has become increasingly important for us to be able drink water when not near water source.

Dasani is one of product of Coca Cola Company which is available in 200+ countries. As part of the Coca-Cola family, it is supported by financial stability, assets, and readily available distribution channels. At the present, there are so many brands of bottle water available in market that effecting on health because it makes customers losing faith in bottle water products. It means that response to big challenge for bottle water industry in general Dasani brand bottled water in particular. In addition, there are a lot of cheaply bottle water brands which are pressured on price for the Dasani brand.

Dasani was launched in Viet Nam in 2010 that is...