Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Online Inventory Management System

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Masinde Muliro University of Science And Technology Online Inventory Management System


This project is intended to develop an online inventory management system for all the ICT related equipment’s/Facilities at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST)

The system will be used by university staff, they will capture newly acquired equipment’s at the time of delivery, update already existing equipment’s isolate and authorize disposal of obsolete equipment. The system will be intranet based application that will be accessed by university departments. Since it will be integrated, it will cover all kinds of facilities like computers, photocopying machines, projectors, printers, laptops, I pads, iPhone’s, headsets, etc. the system will also capture the following data , item name , date delivered , warranty , inspection remarks etc. Registered users will be able to log in to use the system where they will be able to capture new items using the available form. The form is then sent to a central database managed by the database administrator in ICT department. The database administrator will then inform the concerned personnel in the same department to update this information to the central inventory database.

The system will have the following features; User verification, registration of new users, Capture information’s, updates information, give remarks to users.

Upon completion, the system will;

* Automate the records of all new and old equipment’s within the university

* Automate the inventory processing system to equitably distribute equipment’s better, follow the budget and enforce a disposal mechanism

* Faster service delivery and hence increase in productivity

* Update all the equipment’s as required and account for all equipment’s

The system will be implemented using PHP language and MySQL database for development.