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Essay questions for Final Exam (January 9, 2013)

I. The individual/collective cultural dimension is a useful and valid measurement to identify various cultures. First, make a chart showing five major differences between these two types of cultures and second how would you describe your own culture in this regard. (15%)

II. “Crash” is a film about racial and social tensions in Los Angeles. So many people of different cultural backgrounds in this film seem very insensitive to the intercultural communication problems. At some point in the movie, they all use insulting words against certain race. We have viewed this film in class. Please identify five situations in the film in which the actor or actress is making harmful mistakes (verbal or non-verbal) against other racial group. (20%)

III. Racial problem is an important issue in cross-cultural communication. An unintentional word or act of someone might provoke massive outcry from other ethnic groups. A recent video posted by Ms. Alexandra Wallace, a Political Sciences major at UCLA, in which she criticizes Asian students on campus lacking manners etc. This rant has drawn harsh responses from student body as well as from university administration. As we all know, unfounded racist remarks are always inappropriate. After viewing this video at home, please answer the following two questions: (1) what is your comment on the whole story? (2) In your opinion, what are some of the mistakes that Ms. Wallace has made in the video that make most viewers miss her points? (20%)

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