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The past which is now history was how it was for many reasons. A big role that played its part in history is the environment. In the ancient world, the environment affected building, religion, and farming for all civilizations.

The environment affected building in the ancient world for reasons such as it controlled how big and where the civilizations were, all of the civilizations were along fresh water sources whether it be rivers, oceans or lakes. The cities of ancient Egypt were located along the Nile River, the cities were built along the Nile to help with trade and communication it also provided fertile land. Mesopotamia means land between rivers which explains where they built their civilization. They also used the Fertile Crescent to build its cities around, due to the Fertile Crescent’s rich soil; Mesopotamia also had scarce natural resources to build. In the Harappan civilization they had to build strong levees or earthen walls to keep water out of their cities, they had also planned out their cities to be built on mud brick platforms to protect themselves from flooding. The environment paved the way ancient civilizations were built.

The environment affected religion in the ancient world by providing the everyday world they lived in, which helped them to come up with gods to explain their surrounding that presented their environment, this then led to religions being formed to follow a system of beliefs and worldviews. In ancient Egypt, religion was developed through attributes from where they were living in the desert with the scorching sun, no wonder Re the sun god was one of the most important to the Egyptians. In Mesopotamia the Sumerians reflected their civilization’s triumph over its dry and harsh environment, one god named Enlil controlled storms and air, they feared him as “the raging flood that has no rival”. Another example of religion affected by environment is the Harappan civilization who prayed for good harvests and...