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MGSC 395

The Goal Essay Question #1: Explain the problems the Bearington Plant faced before Alex Rogo met with Jonah at Chicago Airport.

When first introduced to the Bearington Plant, the factory is not churning at its full potential. The scene is set with Alex Rogo coming into work and having to deal with upper management complaining about his factory’s productivity. For starters they have a surplus of work in process inventory. They have no problem taking orders at the plant which is creating many back orders, but can’t seem to shoot completed orders out in an efficient manner so that has left them with inventory just sitting in the factory taking up room. They also don’t have efficient setups, so workers are having to travel more than needed for certain tasks, which ultimately wastes time and money. When Mr. Peach storms through the factory, he takes a very stern and blunt approach with the workers and one of the factory’s main machinists quits on the spot. This is a major loss because he is specially trained to work the NCX-10 (which is an expensive machine that is filled with complicated technology and there is only one in the factory so there aren’t any other workers that can work it as efficiently as him). Another issue is that they are bottlenecking at the NCX-10. Since they only have one of the machines and it is vital to production, they are only able to go as fast as the NCX-10 can go. The factory is not organized either. When Mr. Peach came in asking about order #41427, no one even knew what it was or who it was for, EVEN Alex Rogo and for the plant manager to be clueless is not a good sign for efficiency. Lastly when they were poised with an extremely short deadline, they had no plan of action. Rogo was forced to have all the employees he could, work overtime (which is usually double pay, so the factory is losing more money towards labor) and had to just form assembly lines while others were running the different parts to different assembly line...