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Chapter I: Problem and Its Background

Background of Study

It is human nature to love food and be fond of attending gatherings. One of its attestations is conducting events for families and friends. And if the turnout is predicted to be large, then it is best to hire professionals for the job. This is where catering comes in. Catering is also called “Event Management Service” wherein caterers prepare foods and set up the venue.

A person who needs help regarding catering services may call for a reservation. That’s why more and more restaurants have turned to online reservation systems as a way of making reservations less time-consuming as well as getting their name out into the market faster. Online reservation system is a table management software that gives convenience to the customers to make the reservation easy. They do not need to come to the place personally. All the information about the place and transaction are provided online.

Maria Lina Catering Services in Cebu City and Julio’s Catering in Malate,Manila use process for catering reservations.

Wahoo Resto Bar is located in Mindanao Ave. Fairview, Quezon City .It is a restaurant with a bar inside, 400 sitting capacity good for all types of functions and also an acoustical place to gig in. It also covers gatherings and organizes events. The company was built in 2008 and started operating in 2009. It is owned and managed by Michael and Cecilia Alejandria.

The said company is currently using a manual process of reservation. The customers personally go to the restaurant to inquire and make reservations which takes much of their time and effort.

The proponents analyzed the repercussions of manual process of reservation and came up with the idea of making an online reservation system that will help the company improve their process as well as to increase their market. By the aid of a user-friendly environment of the proposed website, company’s advertising and...