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One definition of a best friend is a person that always can be trusted, someone you can tell your deepest, darkest secrets to without worrying that this person will let other people know your secrets. Best friends are always there for you and are able to cheer you up even when the circumstances are unpleasant. This definition is a good one but it only scratches the surface of what best friends mean to each other. Best friends enjoy hanging out with each other, supporting each other and treating each other like family members.

Best friends make plans with each other first before including anyone else. They will talk on the phone for hours about nothing, without ever talking about anything that is important. They will have text a thons which they text about nothing in particular. Best friends never get tired of hanging out with each other. They do crazy stuff together which everyone else does not understand. Best friends will hang out at each other’s work place, getting in the way of actual work being done by their friend. As much as they enjoy hanging out with each other, they also enjoy supporting their best friend. One of the ways they show support is by giving the best hugs to their friend and providing a shoulder to cry on when their best friend is sad. Best friends tell each other things they need to hear even when their friend does not want to hear them and also giving advice to them when its not solicited. They are always there to cheer up their best friend when they feel blue. Best friends are always there for each other when it comes to graduations, award ceremonies, weddings and other special occasions. They will not judge each other when telling each other their problems. A best fiend will make your day better, they will make you laugh even when you do not want to. Supporting a best friend is important but treating them as a family member is the best compliment a person can bestow upon them. Like a family member, you trust them with your...