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Faculty Performance Appraisal

As we come to the conclusion of another wonderful semester at Oakland University, we get the opportunity to once again fill out the Evaluations for the professors in each of the classes we attended. I want to be honest and state that this is a process that I struggled to find the importance in my first years of studies. As time went on however, I am more and more thankful to have such an opportunity. Taking Into to Human Resource Management only made me appreciate this opportunity even more and see the importance it holds and attention it deserves.

In order to help others who might still be struggling with finding the necessity to filling out such forms, I want to make the comparison between voting and being able to fill out such evaluations. These evaluations are a true measure of the work done by professors throughout the semester and who better to provide such evaluation other then the actual students who attended the classes all semester long. It gives supervisors an understanding of what students think about their professors, what they like about their teaching styles and what they would change about them. These evaluations are taken into great consideration and allow the university board to better decide on the right person to teach a given class and also on how to guide their professors with regards to what they can change or do better.

To provide a better understanding of the course feedbacks, I would like to group the questions that are being asked into three major groups: questions regarding every day class activities, instructors capability and knowledge of the class topics, and lastly but most importantly, instructors social and intellectual ability to deal and better help their students. In the first group of questions regarding every day class activities, the student’s answers help the board understand how well an instructor is able to plan the material for the duration of the semester and how well they are able to...