Describe the Concept of Vision and Mission in an Organisation.

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Organizations that do not take the time to develop missions are often ineffective.

A mission statement explains the organization existence, overall purpose. The mission statement

also states what organization does now, what business organization is in and who are the customer,

how do you intend to satisfy them. A mission is defined in terms of product or service, the clients to be served and

the technology used to deliver the product or service to the customer.

Vision statement articulates the future of the organization & the community that it serves. Vision shows

aspiration & "belief to accomplish". By comparing vision statement to current reality of the organization or the community,

implies the work still needs to be accomplished. In this way, it lends credibility & motivation to the mission statement.

Examples of Mission & Vision Statement of an organization (Dominos).

Vision: To establish Dominos as the most recognized & respected brand in the world.

Mission: Establish Dominos as the purveyor of the finest Pizza in the world while maintaining

our uncompromising principles while we grow.

Leaders identify vision as a concept central to their theory of leadership. To choose a direction,

a leader must first develop a mental image of a possible and desirable future state of the organization.

We need to consider following points while writing mission statements.

1) Mission statements should be developed with awareness of the served community (customers),

the broader society, primary activities of the program, & staff, volunteers; the history of the issue

that you are addressing in your community; the values held by your staff & volunteers.

2) Avoid long statements. Make sure mission statements are more than 2 sentences. Highly specific & clarity is

not necessarily improved with length of sentence.

3) Use active verbs that distinguish your organization but do not limit the scope of your programs & services.

4) Re-examine the...