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Part 1

1) The mechanisms employed are shivering, Goosebumps, pores closing, and vasoconstriction.

a) The sensors are called Peripheral nerve endings and they are just under the skin, or in other places that can receive signals from the environment.

b) The thermostat of the body is the hypothalamus, and is right above the brainstem below the thalamus.

c) With blood vessels in the tunica media layer there are smooth muscles fibers are what make the blood vessels constrict. During shivering skeletal muscles contract and relax really fast to make heat. But for both of them they use epithelial tissue.

Part 2

2) The parts of the body that are most vulnerable to frostbite would be the toes, fingers, and ears.

1) Because her parka was probably really wet and cold.

2) Shivering is an involuntary action, and only happens when your body temperature is very low so your body can make heat.

3) Inflammation response to when she fell off the ski lift.

4) Just under the ankle but at the top of the foot. At certain spots pulses are easier to feel like when the artery is near the surface of the skin and when there is bone beneath the artery.

5) The knee joint is a synovial joint that connects the femur to the tibia. There are two joints in the knee the tibiofemoral joint that connects the tibia to the femur and the patellofemoral joint which connects the kneecap to the femur.

6) The structures would be the medial collateral ligament, and the medial meniscus.

Part 3