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OverviewOverview\Wright Industry Averages - Overview

Wright Industry Averages:

Media, News, Broadcasting and Publishing (Global)

Prepared December 17, 2012


Wright Industry Averages are a compilation of data derived from the CorporateInformation global research service developed and marketed by Wright Investors' Service. CorporateInformation consists of research reports on over 30,000 publicly traded companies in 59 countries. The primary source of the data contained in the Wright Industry Averages is the Thomson Reuters Worldscope Database which Wright Investors' Service developed over 20 years ago and subsequently sold to Thomson.

Major Industry Identification

The Wright Industry Averages are developed on 28 Major Industries: Advertising and Public Relations Aerospace and Airlines Apparel, Clothing and Textiles Automotive Chemicals Computers and Software Construction Electrical Equipment and Appliances Electronics Energy, Oil, Gas and Electricity Food and Beverages Furniture Glass Health, Medicine and Pharmaceuticals Machinery and Industrial Equipment Media, News, Broadcasting and Publications Metals and Mining (Non-Ferrous) Paper and Printing Railroads Recreation and Entertainment Restaurants and Hotels Retail and Wholesale Rubber and Plastic Shipping and Shipbuilding Steel Telecommunications Tobacco Trucking and Freight

Wright Industry Averages are available for each of the 28 industries on a global basis. Where there are a significant number of companies in the industry (a minimum of 15), Wright Industry Averages reports are also compiled on a regional basis. The seven regions for which Wright Industry Averages are compiled are: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North America. Industry Averages reports are also available for the United States.

Sub-Industry Averages - Identification

There are over 160 sub-industry groupings within the CorporateInformation research service. These sub-industries are...