I Hope I Am Not Dreaming

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Writing assignment 4

I Hope I Am Not Dreaming

On one sunny spring morning, I stepped out of my bed and thought to myself, when does all this end. I knew that I had to pick extra shifts at work because my mother needed some money. My mother had exactly one month to come up with 80 thousand shillings, and if not she would lose her house, that she had used as a collateral for a school loan in order for my younger brother to go to school. Mother had always taught me to be patient with time and that “Gods time wasn’t our time.” At this very minute however, it was almost impossible to still believe, “I have issues of my own, you know” I need a larger apartment, my car sounds like its going to quit any minute now, I need to see a dentist but my company has dropped my insurance coverage. I have invested my time and money into an undergraduate degree that really never change my standard of living, in fact, I am left paying off student loans with money from my old part time job.

I walked to the mirror and to my shock; I could not recognize the person in the mirror. I thought this had to be a dream. I stood there for a good ten minutes thinking, how easier life would be for me if I was the woman in the mirror, Paris Hilton. She is an heir to a multimillion dollar establishment. Oh my, I love her blonde hair and skinny body, she is tall, beautiful, not too smart and not college educated but, who cares; she is wealthy. I thought to myself, I could really get used to this. I kept staring in the mirror and imagined the things I would do if I had access to that kind of money.

I took a long shower, and proceeded to go to my usual volunteering job at the Jewish Vocational Center. Since my graduation I had been volunteering at the JVC to at least get “my foot in the door” in case they had a position open, they would consider me first. Things however do not work like that in America. After six long months of volunteering at the JVC,...