Foreign Exchange Operations of Basic Bank Limited

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Shyamali Biswas Assistant Professor Accounting Discipline Bachelor of Business Administration Stamford University of Bangladesh

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Mahmudul Hasan ID # BBA 03712187 Batch: 37 (B)

Date of Submission: 07-04-2012

Internship Report On Foreign Exchange Operations Of BASIC Bank Limited

Foreign exchange operations of BASIC Bank Limited

Letter of Transmittal

April 07, 2012. To Shyamali Biswas Assistant Professor Supervisor Internship Program Bachelor of Business Administration Stamford University Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of Internship Report.

Madam, As the Internship Program is an inseparable part of our BBA Program, I was placed at the BASIC Bank Ltd, Dhanmondi Branch to work in the Foreign exchange section & Loans Advances Section (Credit Section), and to be acquainted with the office environment. I have been supposed to prepare a report from my findings in the bank. I have prepared this report on the „Foreign Exchange Operations of BASIC Bank Ltd‟ and hereby I submit the report for your kind evaluation. I am always available if it is necessary for any query. Thanking you. Sincerely yours, ……………………… (Mahmudul Hasan) ID No: BBA 03712187 Batch: 37(B)

Foreign exchange operations of BASIC Bank Limited


I am Mahmudul Hasan, student of BBA 37(B) Batch in Accounting, ID No: BBA03712187, hereby declaring that the Internship Report on “Foreign Exchange Operation of Basic Bank Limited”- An Empirical Study on Basic Bank Limited, has been prepared by me after completion of the internship program in Basic Bank Limited.

I also confirm that the report is made only for the academic requirement. It will not hamper the confidentiality and interest of any concerned people. It will not serve the interest of any third parties. The main purpose of preparing the report is just to gather my workings in a disciplined manner and let the...