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Marketing Program

1. Target Market

The target market is an important factor to consider on planning the marketing program because the success of a business is depend on the target market reaction to the business. The good proponents, then, must have a good knowledge of the target market and its size so they can plan for an appropriate information campaign and set up the equipment appropriate to its market size. The number of households will help in determining the market size.

The proposed business also guarantees top results on insecticide treatment designed for different commercial establishments and industrial companies in the city of Calamba and Los Banos. They are also part of the proponents’ prospective target market.

2. Services Fees

Service fees refer to the fees charge per client for services rendered by the M & R PEST CONTROL. The proponents conduct an interview to a leading competitor to establish a pricing system which is based on the existing marketing or competitive approach.The proponents have decided to offer services based on ocular estimation which is equivalent to the price of chemicals to be used plus 100% flat rate = service charge, that is how the proponents have decided to price their services for both structural and non-structural services.

3. Promotion

Promotion is one of the factors in Marketing Mix. It is an activity in which the company undertake to communicate and promote its service / product. It is also use in informing and convincing the target market regarding the organizations services / products.

Since the business is newly established, the marketing of pest control services will be promoted with the target market. Its promotion will consist of issuing tarpaulin, brochures, and fliers or house to house or company visit. This will enable the general public to know about the proposed company and location....