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Chapter 1



Technology has become an ever increasing factor for today’s generation. Many aspects of the way people work influence their relationships to computer system, the practical forms of a computerization and their effects.

Computerization help us a lot as a people in a reason to make their work easier and faster which is one of its advantages. Today, computerization is not new to us. Most of the establishments, government, business and commercial establishments as long as that business uses transaction are already using computerized transaction as the way to improve the quality of services that they offer.

Institution is one that must be prior to have this way of computerization. Registration or Enrolling stage in school is one of the most important parts for the student and registrar before classes start in a particular school year. JH-Cerilles state college was still using a manual process of registration and evaluation system in which it cause time consuming and inconvenient tom both student and registrar most especially in rush hour were the registrar is busy and the student are in hurry.

This study provides a simple set – up of programs for student registration. It is an approach that enables colleges and universities to better supervise a growing number of enrollments. Thus, the researcher proposed for the online registration and evaluation system in JH-Cerilles state college.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

This study titled “ONLINE REGISTRATION AND EVALUATION SYSTEM” was conducted in order to develop an online registration of the student and evaluation of grades in which it is necessary for college school with a growing population. Security, excellent performance and efficient flow are the issues concerned.

1.3 Objective of the Study

This study “ONLINE STUDENT REGISTRATION AND EVALUATION SYSTEM” was made possible with their corresponding goals or objectives. The study aimed the following:...