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Interview Profile

To explain the application of psychology in everyday life, for this final, I chose to do my interview profile with my friend XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX. Sara is within in my age group and is a willing participant as per her email sent to course instructor XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on July 6, 2010. Sara is a married, mother of one who, for as long as I have known her, taken enjoyment in practically everything in life. She understands many of the concept and theories learned in this course. As a result, a very in-depth conversation regarding psychology, behavior and motivation was initiated. In profile I will highlight the finding from my interview with Sara and contrast her answers with my own responses.

Psychology is the study of behavior and mind function to include attitude, learning, motivation, and personality. While it is simple to look at ones self to assess their mannerisms and thought processes it is important to reach out to others in order to broaden the range of understanding about how behavior, personality, and thinking work. There were five questions asked in the original portion of the interview. Four additional questions were added at a later date to fall in line with the requirements of interview profile. We delved first into the subject of motivation and development.

The interview began with asking Sara whether she was more apt to a task at hand through intrinsic or extrinsic motivation. An explanation was necessary to understand the meaning of both motivation types. Following the clarification, Sara responded to say that it would be “…easily extrinsic. I find doing most of what I do in my extracurricular activities for the enjoyment of it. That alone gives me the persistence and drive to want to do it again and again” (S. Herringshaw, personal communication, July 6, 2010). I shared in Sara’s answer as one who is driven through extrinsic motivation as well. For an individual to take part in what they enjoy on a day to day...