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Human Resource practices in Grameen Phone Company

3.1 HR at Grameen Phone-HR management is about managing people in organizations as effectively as possible for the good of the employees, the company, and society. In GP managing human resources is becoming more and more important to the success of all divisions of the company. With the honest and coordinated effort, HR plays a key role in realizing the vision and strategic direction of the company. In the contribution of GP, the HR Team is a beautiful blend of bright, innovative, enthusiastic and professional members. The entire HR team has had excellent drive to translate concepts into reality. Thus, in within a short period they have accomplished so many successes in the arena of employee benefit and recognition at home and abroad. HR has very actively participated and sponsored HR conferences and meetings in Bangladesh. Thus they are contributing to the uplift of Human Resources in Bangladesh. They are looking forward to be corporate member of Bangladesh Society for Human Resource Management (BSHPM).This indicates that they would like to be a part of the professional institution building for HR in Bangladesh. Moreover, the HR division has launched the ‘HR News’ which has started its journey from May2000 is also another Employee Development initiative. Thus, overall HR of GP is moving forward and playing even stronger role in every year by upholding the team spirit and harmonizing interdepartmental relationship.

Human Resources (HR) Department, an important part of Administration Division plays very vital role in the total functioning of Grameen Phone Employee recruitment, selection, transfer, promotion, training, performance appraisal - all these are conducted by HR division. The informal structure of HR according to its functions can be classified into three main categories they are:

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Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Development (HRD)

Human Resource management Information system (HR-...