Non-Profit Organization - La Leche League Canada

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Non-profit Organization - La Leche League Canada

La Leche League Canada is a national organization of volunteers who provide information and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed their babies; they are a national organization whose trained volunteers provide experienced mother- to-mother breastfeeding support through a variety of programs. La Leche League Canada is a charitable organization supported primarily by donations and memberships.

Last year, The Toronto Star article reported that the organization was facing a difficult issue, a transgendered male named Trevor MacDonald, whom was born female, had been rejected to become a coach at the Winnipeg based organization La Leche League Canada (LLLC). (Tapper, 2012) With gender change becoming more and more frequent in today’s society the non-profit organization has yet to make any changes to their mission, vision and policies to reflect these changes. In fact the organization has not changed their polices in over 52 years, this was also brought up in the article suggesting that the mission, vision and policies were out dated and need to be reviewed and revised in order to accommodate all gender types.

Looking at the external environment the article points out that many different types of fertility and birth care centers have had to rethink their policies to change the focus from women based organizations to people based, eliminating the gender concerns. The refusal of the transgendered male coach by the La Leche League Canada implies that the organization is not willing to adapt to the changing world.

When this issue arose for La Leche League Canada they reviewed their mission, vision and policies. As stated in Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization-Concepts 3rd Canadian Edition. Nelson, Vision is defined as “a picture of what the firm wants to be and in broad terms of what it wants to ultimately achieve.” Mission is defined as “the business or businesses in which the firm...