Marketing Non-Profit Organizations

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Introduction to Business

Marketing Nonprofit Organizations

People are exposed to marketing every single day. YMCA, food banks, churches, and habitat for humanity are some of the countless organizations that we call nonprofit. These organizations need to find a way to advertise and market their organization. Nonprofit organizations have quite a few steps to making sure that the organization succeeds and does not fail. According to Laura Lake in an article found online she gives the best strategic steps to follow for marketing a nonprofit organization. “Eight Basic Steps to Marketing Your Nonprofit Organization” suggest eight steps that consist of: a Target Market, marketing materials, social media, marketing strategy, internet marketing, researching, advertising, and looking for alliances from other organizations. Nick Damoulakis also wrote a few extra steps in his article “Online Marketing Strategies for Non-Profit Organizations” advising that using a brand enthusiast as a creator is helpful, while also being knowledgeable about the company helps your donors to also understand where their donations are being used. Finally, he states making the process to donate for your organization should be simple, understandable, and as easy as possible for any possible donors. With all of these steps to marketing success, a non-profit organization should succeed.

Use networking to further build community awareness. Current members should reach prospective members, with speeches guiding the conversation. Develop a simple brochure with a membership application that prospective members can take away from the conversation. Search for your target audience. Locating where they hang out, for instance popular places such as the mall or a gas station people meet up at on a Friday night to cruise. When picking something to market you need a group of people that you would like to sell your items to. It can be broken down into groups such as age, income levels, and other...