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In reflecting on the twentieth century,it is easy to point to the tremendous progress that was made in the health and life expectancy of many people of the world. Infant mortality dropped, many of infectious diseases have been brought under control, better family planning is available. However, there is room for improvement! Individuals health lifestyles have given rise to unacceptable number of cases of illness and death from noninfectious diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

In addition, new and emerging infectious diseases are stretching the resources available to control them. Thus, the achievements of good health remains a worldwide goal in the twenty-first century. Government private organizations, and individuals throughout the world are working to improve health. Although individuals actions to improve one's own personal health certainly contribute to overall health of the community, organized community actions are sometimes necessary when health problems exceed the resources of any one individual. When such actions are not taken, the health of the entire community is at risk.

In order to deal with the health issues that face many communities, community health professionals especially in this particular case nurses, must possess specific knowledge and skills. They need to be able to attack each problem, gather the resources necessary to carry out the plan, implement the plan, and then evaluate the results to determine the degree of progress that have been achieved.

Over the past century, community health nurses have demonstrated courage and commitment in providing care to the people in their communities. In the United States as well as other countries, community health nursing, also known as public health nursing,can trace its own origins to those first nurses who provide care to poor people in their homes,neighborhood, workplaces,school, and clinics. In Great Britain,Australia, Canada, the...