Vietnam War

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|Vietnam War |

|Student Unrest and Social and Political Outcomes |

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|4/26/2009 |

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The Vietnam War brought an uneasy feeling to the citizens of the United States. Some people thought that we were there to do a job and others thought that we were there for no reason at all. During the Vietnam War, the draft was reinstated, the first since 1942. There was a clause that was added which stated that college students would not be drafted if they were full time students. This was the main contribution to the unrest amongst college students against the Vietnam War.

College students would be eligible for the draft upon graduation. They thought that if they could help persuade the government to end the war, then they would not have to be drafted after they graduated. College students held protests across college campuses in the United States. This era of was also the birth of the “hippie” counter culture. Hippies believed in peace and wanted to live life different from the society norms.

On May 4, 1970, students of Kent State University in...