Doing Business in India

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Doing Business Effectively in India

Presentation Overview

The presentation that I will put together focuses on a briefing that I will give primarily to my boss for a trip that she will take to India to meet prospective clients. The presentation will inform her and others within the department on the culture and business etiquette in Indian.

The audience will be my boss and supporting staff and managers within the department. This will be the first of many trips to the region, so whole department will be involved in the process, with other managers eventually going to India.

The format will revolve around do’s and don’ts of doing business with Indian businessmen. It will be somewhat formal, since the target is my boss, with Q&A at the end.


Purpose: Better prepare our employees to effectively interact with Indian businessmen and close deals.

Thesis: Understanding the culture and nuances of the Indian culture = increased sales growth

I. Introduction

A. Greeting – Introduction of myself

B. Attention getter – Data on why India is so important as a business partner

C. Credibility statement – My tenure with the company, position, and how many countries I’ve worked with.

D. Thesis statement – Being an effective business leader in India requires a finesse, but most of all adherence to the established etiquette of the culture.

E. Preview of main points


II. Body

A. Main point #1 – Respect is key

1. Understand the Culture (

a. The language, food (no beef or pork), holidays, Bollywood, Cricket

2. Reputation is everything (

a. Treat everyone with the level of respect they deserve – follow the hierarchy

b. Build relationships – relationships before business, they have to like you and understand you before they’ll listen to you


B. Main point #2 – Meeting Etiquette (

1. Greeting, Meeting, and Time

a. Respect the hierarchy –...