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We would like to express our gratitude to all those who gave us the possibility to complete this thesis. We want to thank Mr. Dominic Sales for giving us the permission to commence this thesis in the first instance, to do the necessary research work and to use departmental data. Thanks to Mr. Dominic Sales at the final version of the thesis for English style and grammar, correcting both and offering suggestions for improvement.

Our former colleagues from the Trent Information First Technical Career Institute supported us in our research work. We want to thank them for all their help, support, interest and valuable hints.

Thanks to our Family, for providing us with the tools to discover and explore the ever stimulating and fascinating world of computer science! I appreciate all that you have done to me.

And finally, to our Almighty God who continue to guide us and bless us in our everyday life, for giving protection, knowledge and wisdom.


We, Enerson Nuay, Edlyn Dones, Daisy Lyn Segundo, Jenyfer CaƱete undergraduate student of Trent Information First Technical Career Institute, San Juan Taytay, Rizal, batch 2012-2013, taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, introducing our thesis proposal, entitled, Computerized Grading System for Manuel I. Santos Memorial National High School.

Computerized Grading System for Manuel I. Santos Memorial National High School was developed to lessen the burden and paper works of teachers. The school is located at Taytay Rizal. There are certain problems that the school encounters, the school are still using a manual process in terms of computing the grades, which is time consuming. There is a slow pacing of services that result to parents waiting to know the grades of their child. Because the school teachers cannot track or not yet done computing the grades. Generations of reports are...