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CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Related Studies/Theoretical Background There is a significant body of research demonstrating the contribution of parent involvement to student learning. Henderson and Mapp (2002) reviewed several studies and provided a synthesis of the research findings. The report points to the strong impact of parent involvement on both student achievement and attendance and behavior. Research also indicates that participation declines with grade level, that socioeconomic status and family situation are factors in determining parent involvement and that students want their families to be involved (Epstein, 2002). Perhaps the most widely quoted work is by Epstein (2002) in her model of parent involvement which describes six different categories. Pushor (2007) extends the definition beyond involvement to engagement and argues that engagement is the hallmark of parent connections that truly make a difference for students. Reports in studies are related to project’s objective. Since the parent’s involvement in the student is very important, the researcher’s study is to develop a system that would monitor the students for the parents. All the models speak to the importance of context in understanding parent engagement. While the types of engagement can be described, schools will be successful in working with parents and communities if the staff take time to listen, to understand, and to relate to the families with whom they work (Pushor,2007). Each child arrives at school carrying the aspirations of the parent (Marjoribanks, 2002), a family background (Beothel, 2004), and the culture of the family community. In this case, researchers must develop a communication between the staffs and the guardians of the students. The Quest for Communities that Work: Sustaining Student Improvement, An International Symposium for Education and Community Leaders, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. (Supplied by author) This report highlights the findings of a...