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Question Set #1

A. The five guidelines for parking design are

a. Friendly warnings that communicate consumer benefit

b. Safety lighting

c. Help customers remember where they left their vehicle by adopting helpful features such as color-coded floors

d. Maternity parking

e. Fresh paint

B. The three important ways in which the service environment and its accompanying atmosphere impact buyer behavior are:

f. It acts as a message-creating medium to communicate the quality of the service experience

g. It acts as an attention-creating medium to attract customers from target segments

h. It acts as an effect-created medium to heighten an appetite for certain goods, services, or experiences.

C. There are several features at Disney World that help script customer experience. For example, Main Street is angled in a way that makes it seem longer when arriving. This makes people patrons look forward to the seemingly long walk, which enhances customer experience. Furthermore, trash bins are ubiquitous to relay the message that littering is not allowed, and facilities are repainted often to convey the message of high maintenance and cleanliness.

Question Set #4

A. Loyalty describes a customer’s willingness to continue patronizing a firm over the long term, preferably on an exclusive basis, and recommending the firm’s products to friends and associates.

B. Firms benefit from price a price premium because when compared to new customers, who often benefit from introductory promotional prices, long-term customers are more likely to pay regular prices. Also, the more satisfied they are, the less price-sensitive they tend to me. Furthermore, customers may be more willing to pay higher prices for express jobs at busy periods if they trust a supplier.

C. The wheel of loyalty is an organizing framework that acts as a guide for building customer loyalty. It states that the first thing an...