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BUSA Final Exam Version 1

Describe some of the specific and general environmental components that are likely to impact Starbucks.

What do you think of the company’s guiding principles? Describe how the company’s guiding principles would influence how a barista at a local Starbucks store does his or her job. Describe how these principles would influence how one of the company’s top executives does his or her job.

What do you think the company’s use of the term partners instead of employees implies? What is your reaction to this? Do you think it matters what companies call their employees? (For instance, Wal-Mart calls its employees associates.) Why or why not?

What types of global economic and legal–political issues might Starbucks face?

Starbucks has some pretty specific goals it wants to 
achieve. Given this, do you think managers would be more likely to make rational decisions, bounded rationality decisions, or intuitive decisions? Explain.

Discuss the types of growth strategies that Starbucks has used. Be specific.

Evaluate the growth strategies Starbucks is using. What do you think it will take for these strategies to be successful?

Describe Howard Schultz as a strategic leader.

Considering the expense associated with having more managers, what are some reasons why you think Starbucks decided to decrease the number of stores each district manager was responsible for, thus increasing the number of managers needed? Other than the expense, can you think of any disadvantages to this decision?

Evaluate Starbucks’ training efforts. What types of training are available? ?

The company continually invests in training programs and career development initiatives: baristas, who get a “green apron book” that exhorts them to be genuine and considerate, receive 23 hours of initial training; an additional 29 hours of training as shift supervisor; 112 hours as assistant store manager; and 320 hours as store manager. District manager trainees...