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Change in the Employment Relationship

The nature of employment is changing because of the technology and other trends. It reshape the employment relationship between the employer’s and employees through making quick changes in response to new oppurtunities, competitive challenges, and customer demand that is required to manager’s at all levels. These changes are most likely to succeed in flexible, forwad-thinking organizations and the employees who will thrive in such organization need to be flexible and open to changes as well.

A New Psychological Contract

Psychological contract define as a description of what an employee expects to contribute in an employment relationship and what the employer will provide to the employee in exchange for those contributions. Employees contribute their time, effort, skills, abilities and loyalty for the organization’s expectation. In return, they received job security and oppurtunities for promotion from the organization.

A new type of psychological contract is being replaced in this arrangememnt. Modern organization must often change the quality, innovation, creativeness, and timeliness of employee contributions and the skills needed to make those contributions to stay competitive. This need has led to organizational restructuring, merger’s and acquisitions, layoffs, and longer hours for many employees. Companies require excellent customer service and high productivity levels. They expect employees to take more responsibility for their own careers, from seeking training to balancing work and family. These expectation result in less job security for employees who can count on working for several companies over the course of a career. Employees want employability from their company if they cannot provide employment securitiy, the company must provide training and job experience to help them ensure that they can find other employment oppurtunities.

Top performance in exchange they received worker longer hooyrs...