International Trust Business Plan

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|Background Information & Industry Analysis |1 |

|The Innovative Idea |3 |

|Competition Analysis |10 |

|Target Market Analysis |13 |

|Product Pricing, Distribution and Promotion Strategies |18 |

|References & Works Cited |23 |

|Company Rules & Agreements |25 |

Background Information & Industry Analysis:

Several years ago a new market opened that has remained primarily untapped by the business world until recently. In 2005 approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants were working in the United States (Business Week, June 18, 2005). The current estimated undocumented immigrant population totals about 20 million, almost double the 2005 statistics. An ongoing issue of concern for these people is the problem of being unable to open a bank account due to a lack of sufficient identification. This leads many Hispanics and other immigrants to keep large quantities of cash in their households as well as on their person. Consequently, a significant increase in violent crime statistics by robbery and mugging has been observed in communities where a large population of aliens is known to reside. Most of these individuals are...