Overall Banking System of Ncc Bank Limited, Bangladesh

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Today's people are spending their daily lives on earth doing few things. The biggest and most serious environmental problem that the earth is facing currently and into the future is called Global Warming. The Greenhouse Effect is a controversial issue in society today. It is generalized as "global warming", because the "Greenhouse Effect" is said to be the result of a 'blanket' - made up of gases such as water vapor and carbon dioxide - forming over Earth like a greenhouse.

Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is the heating of the Earth’s surface, due to the presence of the greenhouse gases. It is named this way because of the similar effect produced by the glass panels of a greenhouse which retains the heat. The way the Earth is heated is by heat wave lengths coming from the sun which passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and then is absorbed by the surface of the Earth which causes warming. Some of the absorbed energy is than reradiated back into the atmosphere where some of this energy escapes back into space. The greenhouse effect is very important. Without the greenhouse effect, the Earth would not be warm enough for humans to live or survive on. But if the greenhouse effect becomes stronger, it could make the Earth surface warmer than usual. Even a little extra warming may cause problems for humans, plants, animals and other living things on earth.

What Causes the Greenhouse Effect?

Life on earth depends on energy from the sun. About 30 percent of the sunlight that beams toward Earth is deflected by the outer atmosphere and scattered back into space. The rest reaches the planet’s surface and is reflected upward again as a type of slow-moving energy called infrared radiation. As it rises, infrared radiation is absorbed by “greenhouse gases” such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone and methane, which slows its escape from the atmosphere. Although greenhouse gases make up only about 1 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere, they...