A Look from Ncc Bank

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a professional course. The course is designed with an excellent combination of practical and theoretical aspects. After completing BBA certain times is preserved for internship. As a student of BBA with the requirement of my course I was assigned to National Credit and Commerce Bank limited (NCCBL) to panthopath branch, Dhaka for my internship. However, I was very much interested to know how to develop banks. So I chose the research topic as “A look from NCC Bank Ltd”

They intend to ensure the trust and confidence of the customers through focused customer orientation, quality of service and state-of the art technology, transparency in dealing and adopting the best practices of Corporate Governance, achieving excellence in all the endeavors to create value for all the stakeholders. The significant challenge posed before them is the maintenance of the quality of business simultaneously with its information and business consolidation processes. This report is prepared based on the: topic “Overall Banking System and Performance Analysis of NCCBL.Due to this practice the remittance department of NCC Bank has been growing to provide a good participation in the profitability of the Bank.

Basically, this report is highlighted on overview of NCC Ba Present status, Performance of NCCBL, Deposit Mobilization, Utilization of Fund, Foreign Exchange, Ratio analysis , Swot analysis Recommendation and conclusion.

1.2 Rationale of the Study

The word “bank” refers to the financial institution that deals with money transaction. Commercial banks are the primary contributors of the economy of this country. On one hand they are borrowing money from the locals and on the other hand lending the same to the locals as loans and advances. So the people and the government are very much dependent on banks. Moreover, banks are profit earning concerns, as they collect deposits at the lowest possible cost and provide lo...