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Tamika L. White

TUIU University

MGT 501

Dr. James Herndon

Module 3- SLP Assignment

20 Jan 2011

|Visual |13 |

|Social |10 |

|Physical |14 |

|Aural |10 |

|Verbal |12 |

|Solitary |15 |

|Logical |12 |

 I had a positive experience taking this assessment.  As I did the questions, I realized that I used various modes of learning, and the results collaborated that. Some of the questions were more difficult to answer than others, which I usually responded as a 1. Others were clearly a 2. It seemed to clarify to me some of the ways I approach questions, problems and the world around me. For the most part, it fits my self-image of using various modes of learning. What surprised me was that I scored highest on solitary, but makes sense when I recall the questions and it explains how group projects in school bothered me, and I usually ended up doing most of the work.  However, if there was research project, this would be strength. Here are some phrases that reflect my solitary style:

� I'd like some time to think it over.

� This is what I think or feel about that.

� I'd like to get away from everyone for a while.

� I'll get back to you on that (from website provided)

I could infer that four top styles could be strengths.  For example, the logical style, would allow me to recognize patterns easily, as well as connections between seemingly meaningless content. It means I typically work through problems and issues in a systematic way, and like to create procedures for future use. It is strength for setting numerical targets and budgets, and tracking progress towards these. It also can be used in creating agendas, itineraries, and to-do lists, and numbering and ranking them before putting them into action. I like working out strategies and using simulation.

My visual style would also...