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1. Man was created in God’s image, he was given the power to will or decide matters for himself. The very fact that God gave His commands for man to obey meant that he had the power to decide. It is an inherent part of a human being. Thus, a person does not truly free but instead he makes his own decision in every situation. A decision or a choice that is in accordance with what is good in the eyes of our Creator.

2. God is all powerful He can do anything that is beyond our expectations. In Genesis, during the creation times, He just spoke the words and automatically whatever He said it happened. Even in our present time, He can still do anything and make impossible things possible. Whatever He does is for our own good and He just gives what is appropriate to us. He doesn’t do anything that can affect or destroy us.

3. Yes, because God is always there to give us wisdom to identify what is good and what is evil. He directs our path so that we may find the right decision in everything we do. Once, we are called to be His children, He will not allow us to be strayed but instead He will do everything just to protect us and to have focus with His word.

4. To have knowledge of God is the chief purpose of life, because without God everything is useless and chaotic. Even though we are the strongest and richest men in this world, but, if we do not have God in our lives we will not still feel the true happiness that we are looking for. Because there is still an empty space in our hearts that nobody or nothing can fill in aside from our God.

5. I believe that God has a unique way of interfering us every time we plan something wrong but it doesn’t mean that because of this, moral responsibility and accountability would be shattered. It is because the decision is still ours and the freedom to choose is still in our hands. God loves us that’s why He is giving us options. If we choose evil then we are accountable for that.

6. I agree because the...