Kuching Sustanaible Tourism Analyis

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1. Introduction 2

2. Overview of

3. 3


4. Position of Mt Kilimanjaro on TLC 4

5. Potential for Development 7

Feasibility Study

6. Similar Products and Competitors 8

7. Marketing Approaches 9

8. SWOT Analysis 11


9. Abstract 13

10. Code of Conduct 14

11. Proposed Marketing Strategies 12

12. Human Resources Policies 17

13. Analysis of Financial Strategies 18

14. Risk and Crisis Management 19

15. Sustainable Measures 23

16. Operational Facilities 24

17. Adopting with Current Market Trends 26

18. Action Plan 27

19. Conclusion 31

20. References 32

21. Appendix 33


Tanzania is a country that is rich in tourism resources such as National Parks, mountains, extinct volcanoes and some beaches such as Zanzibar. Amongst then mountains there is one particular one which has been said to Africa’s highest point and this is Mt Kilimanjaro. It attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world who want to climb this mountain.

Over the years Mt Kilimanjaro has fallen victim to the scourge of global warming and the snow cap at the summit of the mountain is slowly but surely disappearing. This has been due to various reasons with some locals speculating that it is because the gods are angry and scientists simply saying it is because of global warming that has been escalated by some of the activities in the Kilimanjaro region.

This report aims at looking at the problems facing Mt Kilimanjaro then coming up with solutions and ideas that...