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We need “MONEY”

Year 2008…A notable year of controversies: new innovations, provocations and competitions. An annual cycle of crucial events that was said to be the fruit of a long unanswerable root problem…Poverty.

In this overpopulated world, poverty has been a lightning-like, quickly spreading through all the nations in every family, in everyone. This worstening disease-like perplexity lies at the most different crisis: personal, health, economic, and most especially, the financial one. These make the lives of people a not comfortable one, that some who are below the poverty line are force to make such crimes like stealing which destroys the peace and order. These happenings only show that we need to arrive at the immediate answer.

Actually, there’s just one thing that can fight those crisis, and even the poverty. The only food for a hungry mind, heart and stomach. All we need is MONEY! Yes! You heard me right. MONEY is the key to unlock this difficulty. Very confusing, isn’t it? Well, let me give you some clarifications. This is how it will be …

Money has been playing a very important role in our lives during the primitive years up to present. It has been always the root of all conflicts and nuisance, for some people it is the foremost face of wealth and power. How laming to think that not everyone perceives the real meaning of it and how to use it. By the way, I’m most referring to the material one but I’m talking to the other kind. It’s the Moving for others Need and Educate the Youth.

I’m speaking for those who those who are the victims of poverty, and to you, who’s reading this. To my fellow teachers who are capable of extending their hands to those who are weak. We, who are said to be house keeper of education. As we took the pledge of being a teacher, we also engaged not only our minds but our hearts and the whole of us to be the molder of our young heroes… The youth, education them not only academically but more on the lessons of life is our...