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I have found thinking on a critical level makes all the difference when explanations come into play. In the future, I am now better suited to analyze information given in reading material. Having the ability to read deeper into what is actually written down can mean the difference between understanding and misconception. When it comes to my writing, knowing how people critically analyze writing has given me the skills to answer any questions before they are even answered. Lastly, in regards to my own personal processing of information, I feel I have obtained the skills necessary to properly institute a powerful critical thinking process. I have learned how to focus more on the task and topic at hand, learned how to differentiate between types of tone and content used for specific essays, and learning to evaluate the different learning styles of audiences.

Application of the critical thinking process is imperative in regards to certain evaluation of many types of information sources. Articles, media, advertising, and even conversations can have their ups and downs. What one needs to do is address all the important points that make a good piece of writing, then separate the parts that are not suitable for the subject. One needs to explain not only the positive side to the piece of writing, but also the negative as well. Showing how to properly focus a piece of writing and learning how to properly apply such focus has greatly improved my evaluation of these types of written material.