Healthy Eating Plan

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Healthy Eating Plan

Mike Israel

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Healthy Eating 1

I am a 39 year old adult male that has allowed myself to become overweight to the point it has seriously affected my lifestyle. It is my goal to try and develop a plan that will change my lifestyle and make me healthier. It is my belief that this class has begun at this time for a reason. I hope to make the best of this class and use the information gained in it to help me begin the road to change.

Currently, I have an inactive lifestyle other than normal work around the house and coaching baseball. My diet leaves much to be desired in the way of unhealthy eating habits. I overeat at almost each meal and tend to eat much more fatty foods rather than eating a healthy balance of grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, and fats. My current eating habits are out of control and I am experiencing problems associated with my weight problem including Hypertension and Gastro esophageal reflux disease which has led to erosion of my esophagus. After eating, I tend to get extremely tired and sleepy and have much trouble staying awake when I am driving.

Much of my eating habits revolve around frequent visits to buffets and the desire to obtain my “money’s worth”. Most of my meals consist of fried foods, hamburgers and steak in large portions. I frequently eat ice cream when I find a place to stop and get it. I notice that many times I am bored when I stop and get sweets.

Often, I am ashamed of how much I eat and tend to hide it from others. I feel that because I was made to clean my plate while growing up, I still try to do that. All of these habits have

Healthy Eating 2

gotten me in the position that I am in now. It is my hope that by admitting my problem, seeking to change my habits, and educating myself that I can permanently change my life so that I can be happier, healthier and...