Sufism Life of Junaid Bhagdhadi Alaihe

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Shaikh Abul-Qasim al-Junaid ibn Muhammad al-Khazzaz al-Nehawandi (may Allah be pleased with him) was the nephew of Shaikh Sari al-Saqati (may Allah be pleased with him), who was the greatest exponent of the 'sober' [moderate] school of Sufism and elaborated a theosophical doctrine which determined the whole course of orthodox mysticism in Islam. From childhood Shaikh Abul-Qasim al-Junaid (may Allah be pleased with him) was given to spiritual sorrow, and was an earnest seeker after Almighty Allah, well disciplined, thoughtful and quick of understanding and of penetrating intuition.

All schools of Sufism are known for their strict rules and discipline of the self and the Qadiriyya's methods are not different from the rest. As a Sufi master, Junaid insisted on certain prerequisites before he would consider anyone as a potential murid (student). In order to be considered as a candidate and accepted as a student, one was required to have solid knowledge of Islamic laws and Islamic theological doctrines. The disciplinary rules of the school are eight principles of Junaid (third/ninth centuries). A murid [disciple] must constantly observe the following:

1. Ritual purity (wudu, a process of cleansing prior to prayer)

2. Fasting

3. Silence

4. Seclusion

5. Invocation or recollection of Allah, using the formula La Ilaha Illa Allah (zikr), etc

6. Heart to heart connection with his/her Pir [Shaikh] at all times

7. Impure thoughts and impulses are to be put aside as they occur

8. Surrender him/herself to the will of Allah and never refuse or question what Allah has imposed upon him.

In addition to the mentioned eight rules, some Sufi Masters also highly recommended two additional rules:

moderation in eating and drinking when breaking a fast, and maintaining a bare minimum of sleep.

He was only 7 years old when Shaikh Sari al-Saqati (may Allah be pleased with him) took him on the pilgrimage. In the Mosque of the Santuary the question on the...