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ITM442 - Knowledge Mgt. Business Intelligence

Module 1 SLP

In today’s world of computer technology more and more different types of presentation programs are being developed better enhancing the way we express our business outlook to our company. There are so many identical types of software that are built to help the business world in projecting the way the management thinks. In this research I have came to see how interesting Crystal Xcelsius can be for a company.

The first thing that caught my eye was the way how everything was laid out. The GUI interface was not so technical that it can bring discouragement to a not so computer savvy person. But again it will have to take a experience Microsoft user to understand what needs to be developed.

The next thing that I have come to understand was the way the tools worked for the individual user. You can develop a great interactive excel spreadsheet that can dynamically stun the audience you are presenting to. It has a Flash program built into this software brining out a non death by power point presentation, keeping the audience at awe as they listen to what you need to express.

When introducing something great to a crowed you always want to make sure it is never dull and boring. When that happens they tend to forget what you just presented. With Crystal Xcelsius, you can bring out the old boring presentation into a great work of art. The main pro that I have seen on this program is how easy it is to master the way you produce your product on Excel spreadsheets and how you can present a Flash ideal on a Powerpoint slide.

Another good thing that I saw with this program is that you don’t need too much to run the program. All you need is a first a PC then the program Microsoft Office. This program gives you the ability just to import any Excel spreadsheet starting you off as the foundation of the beginning of your presentation. You can move any visual modeling tool just so you can create a great display of...