Eth301, Slp Module 2

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Session Long Project

Module 2

As I continue the overview of the company I currently work for, I believe that any barriers or limitations are a result of historical impediments commonly faced by countless women enlisted and commissioned in and working for the military since our “acceptance” following World War II. Such antiquated views are being phased out, given that the most recent college graduation ratios of women to men is a 57%-43% split (USA Today; It has been my personal experience that these barriers continue to be shattered at increasing rates as a large number of women explore technical fields and opportunities once exclusively towards men in place by organizational history, respective of our male and female natures.

*Based on utilitarianistic reasoning, this is important, but deontological implications are far greater as the expectation of gender equality in the workplace is as basic a right as hiring not based on personal handicap or race.

While I recognize that there are great challenges faced by women in the professional world, I believe most of them are no longer primarily sexist in nature. I have found that with this continual upswing of women, sexism has gone the way of outward racism in the professional environment. In my opinion, workplace discrimination is more accurately trending towards restrictions on those with advanced education versus employees with limited backgrounds.

According to “The female leadership advantage: An evaluation of the evidence”, a study conducted by Wellesley College and Northwestern University professors, women are shown to “suffer some disadvantages from prejudicial evaluations of their competence as leaders, especially in masculine organizational contexts.” One can only presume that this is based on the fact that they are WOMEN. But as the study further notes, “more women are rising into leadership roles at all levels, including elite executive roles.”

As our economy and thus...