Many Teachers Assign Homework to Students Everyday. Do You Think That Daily Homework Is Necessary for Students? Use Specific Reasons and Details to Support Your Answer

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Learning is a continuous process of acquiring knowledge, skills and behavior. It not only happens in school but also at home. Thus, daily homework is necessary because it serves as an extension for students to learn beyond the structured environment.

Homework strengthens what has been taught in the classroom. It requires repetitive application of the concepts which reinforces better understanding of the subject. For example, a pupil who constantly answers simple mathematical equations such as addition and subtraction is more likely to develop comprehension in solving more complex math problems. Indeed, practice and repetition increase the child’s ability to gain mastery in every topic. In addition, assignments help learner’s to remember vital information such as dates and events in their history subjects which are needed for future academic assessment.

Furthermore, homework functions as early training for children to become responsible adults. These exercises teach them the value of time-management by handling their own schedule in completing the assigned task before the deadline. As a result, pupils develop organized study habits and avoid procrastination.

Moreover, this outside of school activity serves as a bridge that connects parents and students. It allows parents to participate through guiding their kids in doing their assignments. In this way, parents gain awareness with their children’s academic standing in class as well as their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

In conclusion, homework has important role in the learning process which molds the students to become competent learner while developing their values of self-discipline. Therefore, homework should be given to students to build a solid foundation for successful education.