How to Make a Cheesecake

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Step 1: You will need Units: Metric US Imperial UK Imperial

•250 g butter biscuits, crumbled

•100 g butter, melted

•1 kg quark cheese

•4 eggs

•1 orange zest

•200 g sugar

•400 g sour cream

•60 g vanilla sugar

•candied citrus to garnish

•1 baking tin, 26cm wide

•1 rubber spatula

•1 whisk



Preparation Time:

1 hour

Cooking Time:

12 hours

Step 2: Preheat the oven

Preheat the oven to 150ºC, gas mark 2.

Step 3: Make the base

Pour the melted butter over the biscuit crumbs and mix them together well. Now take the baking tin and spoon in the biscuit and butter mix. Even it out while pressing it down into the tin to make the base for the cheesecake.

Step 4: Mix the remaining ingredients

Add the sugar to the cheese followed by the orange zest, then using a hand whisk, blend the ingredients together. Now one by one, break the eggs into the bowl and gradually stir them in.

Step 5: Add the cheese mixture to the baking tin

Pour the mixture over the biscuit base and give it a quick shake to even it out.

Step 6: Bake

Place the tin in the centre of the oven and bake the cheesecake for 25 minutes.

Step 7: Lower the temperature and continue baking

After 25 minutes, lower the temperature to 130ºC, that's gas mark 1. Bake the cheesecake for a further 40 minutes until set.

Step 8: Check the cheesecake and raise the temperature

Check that the cheesecake is set by gently shaking it and remove it from the oven. Then raise the temperature of the oven to 170ºC or gas mark 3.

Step 9: Finish the cheesecake

Put the vanilla sugar into the same bowl as the sour cream and mix the ingredients together well. Then pour it over the top of the cheesecake and using the rubber spatula smooth it out. Finally, give the tin a gentle shake to make it even.

Step 10: Bake

Put the cheesecake back into the oven and bake for a final 5 minutes.

Step 11: Remove from the oven and chill

Take the cheesecake out of the oven and...